This space is dedicated to the art of functional nature. That’s my way of wrapping up the big worlds of herbalism and nutrition, functional health and travel, mindfulness and the life well-lived, into a tidy little tagline.

Here you’ll find a near-weekly Podcast, where I answer your health questions directly and in-depth, an archive of past video episodes of Ask the Herbalist, the new Supernatural Newsletter, and Field Notes, where I share the resources, recommendations, and rabbit holes I’m currently exploring.

I hope you benefit from all that’s here and when you’re ready to take the next step, a monthly subscription gives you access to the entire archive of recordings, past content, and the ability to comment, which is where you can submit your personal questions for me to answer in an upcoming episode. Consider it like a form of health insurance, or treating yourself to a better month, or an investment in accountability, or just really affordable health coaching.

My intention is to continue to make this work (in herbalism, health, wellbeing, optimal living, connection) and myself (as your coach and guide, an educator and determinedly independent thinker) accessible.

Your investment makes this work possible and this work is all in support your health. Thank you for being here!



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Rachelle Robinett 

Herbalist, educator, life-long naturalist and founder of Pharmakon Supernatural® — a New York based, globally-spirited company dedicated to the art of functional nature and the exploration of the human experience.