Feb 16 • 3M

Ask the Herbalist: Cycling Supplements, HRT, Burnout & Herbs for Infections (EBV focus)

New podcast episode with links to supplements and references

Answers to your questions about anything from holistic health & herbalism to entrepreneurship, travel, and thinking naturally. Journey into the art of functional nature with Rachelle Robinett — Clinical Herbalist (AHG), founder of Pharmakon Supernatural® and explorer of the human experience.
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This week’s topics included:

  • Community feedback

  • Crying for good reason

  • Dopamine and serotonin supportive supplements and how to cycle

  • Slippery elm formats (and when to use tinctures versus teas, etc.)

  • HRT and natural approaches to menopause

  • Fertility resources

  • Chronic infection, burnout, long-COVID, auto-immunity and how to rebalance the web of health

  • Queue review!


  • 00:00: Question for the subscribers 

  • 00:47: Community feedback: Crying as a good thing

  • 2:44: Supplements for neurotransmitter balance 

  • 13:42: When it’s a good thing not to notice a difference when stopping an herb or supplement

  • 16:58: The best form to take slippery elm in, and other herb/supplement format tips

  • 19:18: Menopause and HRT: My high-level perspective

  • 24:24: My go-tos for promoting fertility

  • 25:57: Protocol for burnout, to support long-COVID recovery & Epstein–Barr virus/chronic infections

  • 35:40: Herbs for EBV

  • 51:00: The queue for future sessions

Links, References & Resources:

See you next week! As always, you can leave questions for that and future sessions in the Open Thread for February, here.


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