Mar 2 • 3M

Ask the Herbalist: Daily habits for success as a business owner, working with loose herbs, herbal oral care, rheumatoid arthritis, & more

New podcast episode with links to supplements and references

Answers to your questions about anything from holistic health & herbalism to entrepreneurship, travel, and thinking naturally. Journey into the art of functional nature with Rachelle Robinett — Clinical Herbalist (AHG), founder of Pharmakon Supernatural® and explorer of the human experience.
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This week’s topics include:

  • Community feedback

  • The daily habits that have contributed most to my success as a business owner

  • Mixing & using loose herbs — tea blending dos & don’ts plus how else to use loose herbs

  • Herbal oral hygiene and holistic dental care

  • Herbs for rheumatoid arthritis, and more about systemic inflammation, autoimmune conditions,…

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