Jan 26 • 55M

Intermittent Fasting, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Sensitivity, Longevity & Herbalism for Metabolism Health

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This week’s topics included:

  • Intermittent fasting (quick reminder and my approach)

  • Herbs and supplements to support IF, cravings, and blood sugar stability

  • All things insulin resistance and metabolism — from causes and conditions to herbs and supplements for prevention and treatment

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  • 1:00 Housekeeping

  • 2:20 Book recommendation: Fieldwork by Iliana Regan 

  • 4:48 Today’s topics

  • 6:15 Intermittent fasting: Deeper details, review of the benefits, and herbal support for it

  • 29:23 Insulin and blood sugar balance

  • 45:42 Berberine and other herbs for blood sugar balance 

  • 42:45 What to look forward to in future sessions

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